Manpower Consultancies
DAEMAN COMPANY is a leading manpower services company in Saudi Arabia offering customers a continuum manpower services to meet their needs. Our company engaged in providing manpower services to small and medium scale enterprise in all industry sectors. We have qualified and expert professionals and technical work force from the fields of Petrochemical , Power plant, Infrastructure and cement , Operation / maintenance, Engineering design / Cad, and Oil / gas projects. For a company, whether they are looking for one uniquely qualified project specialist or many people of varying abilities, hired manpower is the only single-source solution for your entire professional workforce. Delivering a quality service means ensuring Manpower staff have the skills that you require. We achieve it by providing continuous training in the latest skills.

Where we need:
Companies today increasingly rely on the flexibility and cost advantages of hired manpower. A management involved in an industry, know how hard it is to attract qualified and experienced engineers and technical work force. If a company has one or more projects planned or in progress, that require manpower and expertise to meet the deadline, which is not available with the company have to go hire manpower.
How we perform:
With every new client we start by doing our homework, knowing their specific area of work and requirements. Through regular meetings and direct communications with site office, we provide our best service on time. Our unique knowledge of placing individuals and huge workforces can really helpful to your projects. We understand our staff skill and match them with jobs where they will be productive and motivated. Also we help people to develop their careers through planning, work experience, coaching and training. Regardless the size of the company, our manpower service allows you to access professionals and technical force when and where you need them. Whether the company needs are tempo